I'm a CG Artist, with a deep passion for animations, films and games.


I love to create environments that can look both impactful and dramatic with careful set dressing, as if there is a story behind each object in its place. Whenever possible, I will incorporate moving objects to breathe even more life into the scene. I also like being involved in the entire process of bringing a character to life, from concept, to rigging and animation.


I relish in working with a team of motivated people, hustling and grinding to make our art look as good as it can be, in order to churn out a quality end product that we can all be proud of.


This has also led me to becoming a generalist that holds multiple skillsets which could compliment my work as an artist.


Talk to me to know what's up recently!


Other than a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation, I am also a Diploma in Digital Media Design (Games) holder.


Upon graduating from SIDM, Nanyang Poly in 2013, I have not wasted time and took up freelance jobs whilst waiting for National Service Enlistment. 


I've done multiple freelance project like title-animation for apps, 3d model for mobile app game, AR app game characters, 3D printable characters, Product showcases, Short Animation for community festival, 360 Visualization video.

My time in Digipen Institute of Technology, , Singapore have allowed me to team with many talented individuals(my friends and classmates). With that I am honored to have reaped 2 awards in group animation film projects. Firstly, the Savannah Showdown (Best 2D film), The Way Home (Best visual development, Best 3D group project)

I've mostly been a part of pipeline management and character rigging in both the awarded projects.  I've also done simulations for hair and secondary animations of tails and whatnot.  I do take up roles like compositing/sequencing too.  


I am currently looking for Full-time/ Contract employment. I am keen in the 3D aspect of the digital art and animation. 

I am proficient in 3D softwares such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds max. Zbrush. Unreal Engine 4 as well.

I have been working on various freelance projects/works since my Senior year in DigiPen up till now.

I can do 3D modelling, Rigging, Simulations, Animation, Mocap, Compositing.