Chinese New Year with Punggol West

LOOK MA! I'm on the news!

Really appreciate the opportunity that was given by Punggol West to create this cute animation production with a really small team. It was featured in the Channel 8 online article -

I've mostly handled the pipeline management and character rigging in this production. I have also done some of the animations and compositing of final renders. It was an interesting project as we used "live-action" plates and composited with 3D render of the characters and some props. 

This is a small animation production nonetheless, I have definitely learnt and experienced new things! 

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019 @ Brisbane


I am proud to be representing DigiPen Singapore and the team with 2 other persons to attend the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019 at Brisbane! We were mentioned in DigiPen Singapore's LinkedIn post -

It was eye opening and really broadens my knowledge of the industry. The tech showcase and workshops are very informative and its very exciting to listen to these industry veterans from studios all over the world. 

Really really inspired by the fellow CG people! 

User experience for Rokoko's Smartsuit Pro


We were fortunate to have this opportunity to try out the new mocap setup the school acquired! The tech team sat in the lessons to learn. It was relatively easy to pick up.

The MOCAP was used for previs of some of the shots in the film to help us quickly block out the animations. We were also able to learn in the process of making the previs.

The teams user experience by Rokoko was mentioned in DigiPen Singapore's LinkedIn post -

So grateful for this! 

DigiPen Game and  Animation Awards 2019

Annual awards again!

Yes! This time 6 Kopi Under was awarded 2 of the awards, namely 1) Autodesk Best 3D Group Project,
2) Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Best Visual Development.

Check out DigiPen Singapore's post for more! -

Great job! Kudos to all participating teams!

Sharing session @ CraveFX

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We were lucky to be at CraveFX to share our pipelines of different scales of project that uses UE4 as part of the pipeline. The teams were mentioned in DigiPen Singapore's LinkedIn post -

It was also like a networking session with the studio, we got to talk to the studio heads, 3D lead and VFX lead. They were interested in our workflow due to the quicker turnover for rendering.

Really really inspiring experience! I am lucky to be able to share!